Friday, February 15, 2013

I'd Love to Make You Laugh #1 - Ben Roy - I Got Demons

Welcome readers to what is a new and hopefully reoccurring showcase for reviews of some of the latest and greatest in the world of Stand-up Comedy in the Denver area and beyond. The honor of receiving my first review goes to that of local Denver (via Maine) comedian Ben Roy and his latest CD I Got Demons.
Ben Roy is a fast rising star in the stand-up comedy scene both here in Colorado and nationally due to his high energy shows and his work with comedy troupes such as Wrist Deep Productions and The Gr@wlix. Ben has also recently been featured in the book Mock Stars: Indie Comedy and The Dangerously Funny. With a flair for the dramatic and a silver tongue to boot, Ben Roy's shows always leave the crowd wanting more and foaming at the mouth.
I Got Demons covers a litany of topics that begins with Ben's advice – "Don't Use Ringback Tones" – and ends with a lovely story of a "Las Vegas Handjob." It is in the middle where Mr. Roy shines as he exposes himself to the audience/listener in a way that few comedians are brave enough to do, let alone with such honesty and veracity. Bits such as "I Miss Drinking," "I Have Panic Attacks" and "I Hate Tattoos" while absolutely hilarious, are also a frightening look into Mr. Roy's head. "Marriage Doesn't Suck, You Do," "My Sexual Gift" and "Just One Child" are Ben's hysterically candid portrayals of his personal life and the joys and pitfalls therein.
Like a preacher on judgment day no one is safe from Ben's sermon whether it be "Rice Crispy Treats and The Jersey Shore," Kat Von D, the audience or even Ben himself. Fans of legendary comics such as Lewis Black, George Carlin, Dennis Leary and Sam Kinison will be pleased with Ben's ferocious delivery and slanted views on society and the daily struggles of everyday life.
Mr. Roy's comedy is not for the faint of heart as he pulls no punches and no topic seems to be off limits. He immediately lets the crowd know it's okay to laugh stating "You're not laughing because you condone the shit I say, You're are just clapping because its funny... and the fact that I live with this shit in my head every fucking day of my life!" A perfect statement for what is about to be an hour of continuous laughs on a roller coaster of both comedy and truth.
Recorded over three days at Denver's own Comedy Works, engineered by Dave Soran and edited/tracked by Dan Schlissel I Got Demons is a must own for fans of real stand-up comedy that aims for the throat and mind at the same time. To stay in the loop for the latest and greatest from Ben Roy follow him on Twitter @benroy00 and pick up I Got Demons at Twist & Shout!
- Jeff M. Albright

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