Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is Eddie Izzard a GBP billionaire yet?

There's this bit on Joni Mitchell's live LP Miles of Aisles when she comments to her (adoring) fans that no one ever asked Van Gogh to paint Starry, Starry Night again. Is wanting to hear a singer sing a song they've heard a hundred times already like wanting to hear a comic tell a joke you've heard before? Maybe. And (sic) maybe we want to hear Eddie Izzard tell oldies but goodies even though we know the punchline. A part of me wanted to hear one of Eddie's many famous quotables and chestnuts ("cake or death...?", " le singe est //sur la branche", the Englebert Humperdinck bit), but I knew it wasn't to be and in the end, am thankful for that. After all, I am an appreciator of art and Eddie is an artist.

The shark continues to swim.

The crowd (of which my wife and I am a part) is in love with Eddie. He is a total star with the radiation of a ten thousand other lesser comics. He talks of things that matter- life, the universe & everything. Although his hip Euro aesthetic might appear controversial stateside, Eddie won't censor his opinions. Eddie is always charming, lovable, achieving all this with a soft, sweet bite. He is the transvestite atheist who you could take home to meet your (non-cross dressing, theist) family. He mocks absurdity, takes shots at apathy and makes us all question our preposterous beliefs. He makes his points with undeniable brilliance, and perhaps he can change the world a little. For the better.

He's also a billionaire, apparently. I mean, what are his overheads?

- Ben Sumner


Anonymous said...

You've very nicely captured Mr Izzard's appeal so well done to you. And yes, the star wattage is like nothing else I've ever seen, which makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

beautiful review of a show that everyone wanted more of! my only compaint is that he doesn't come around very often. but then again, what better way to stay on top.......keep people wanting more.

Elaine and Josh said...

I was lucky enough to have seen Stripped recently and he certainly did glow, didn't he? Everyone in the room was just in love with him.