Friday, August 28, 2009

Bowling Ball!? I got yer bowling balls right here. Representing local music retailing mecca Twist and Shout will be a group of visitors from another dimension. Not satisfied with just pulling in some ringers, we have brought the fabled lost Mexican Wrestling team from another planet back to defend our honor. Yes the name itself strikes fear into the loins of our enemies: Los Chimichangas Dinamicos (sans flavore). These 8 liquored up aliens will be knocking down drinks, pins and biting the ears off our enemies: The Flobots, The Fray, Flogging Molly and anyone else foolish enough to challenge us. In spite of the fact that this is for the Flobots charity which brings music to our schools-our wrasslin’ ringers will kick their asses with no quarter given. You don’t think we are serious, bitch? - check out these mugs:

Bam Bam en Fuego

 Pantalones de Sangre

El Taquito Majico

Rocktasha la Rockera Especial

La Huracan Mas Sexy

Astronauta Mas Sexy

El Azteca del Twisto

Huevos Magico

Cower, mere mortals, for we will bowl you into another dimension!

- Chimichangas Dinamicos

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