Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dr. Dog – Shame Shame (available Tuesday, April 6th!)

When I think of Dr. Dog I always think back to 2006, when they put out the first 1000 copies of Takers and Leavers. The covers of the CD were custom made; each one was unique, with found images and chaotic random art (some were even by the band members themselves). Since then I have been a big fan of this psychedelic indie rock band from Philly. Known for their wacky, creative style, with their early tracks made in the basement with an eight-track player, these guys built quite a following. Over the past decade they have managed to retain that spark for individuality and the closeness of a barn jam filled with acidheads. Shame Shame is the sixth album by these DYI artists and the first to be on the Anti- Label. Though it gets more polish from savvy producers and a bit more shine, it still has this close intimate feel of an album that has pure artistic control. Dr. Dog was discovered by Jim James of My Morning Jacket, so it is no surprise to find him as a guest vocalist. They spent time touring with Wilco, and you can hear the influence that must have rubbed off along the road. Slide guitar meets crashing piano combined with knob-tweaking brilliance, it is as if they have found a way to merge the sound of 90’ British indie with something very modern and brand new. This feels like a very personal album influenced by their friends, family and neighborhood. If you are a fan of that Americana-meets-psychedelic sound then I think you will like this album as much as I did. - Natasha

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