Friday, August 27, 2010

Unbelievable, One-of-a-kind Bruce Springsteen memorabilia lands at Denver’s Twist and Shout!

Last week legendary Denver music retailer Twist and Shout procured a piece of Rock and Roll history. The plexiglass marquee that adorned the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, N.J. on the weekend of September 19, 20,21, 1978, now sits on the wall of the Denver institution.  The September 19th show (4 days before The Boss’ 29th birthday and broadcast on local radio) has long been considered one of the greatest shows in Springsteen’s storied career. Loaded with material from the then new album “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” aficionados contend that this was The E Street Band’s most triumphant tour.
According to Paul Epstein, owner of Twist and Shout, “It took me a few years to boat this Bass.” A longtime customer of Twist and Shout named Elliott White ( a big Springsteen collector) “has been tantalizing me with it for a number of years. With the ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’ box set coming out this fall, I thought it would be the right time to get this incredible item.” So after a bit of negotiation the once in a lifetime memorabilia has found a new home here in Denver. 
Originally there were two sides to the marquee. After the shows, one half went to promoter John Scher (who commissioned the special artwork on the marquee) and the other half went to Springsteen himself. After a couple of years in Springsteen’s garage (a pretty cool image in and of itself), Springsteen’s tour manager removed the marquee and sold it to the (now defunct) New Jersey Rock Hall Of Fame in Asbury Park, N.J. It then went to auction, which is how Mr. White ended up with it, and thus Twist and Shout. Supposedly, John Scher claims he has lost track of his half, which would indeed make this the only one in existence.
Adorned with an iconic image of Mr. Sringsteen (guitar in hand, head thrown back in classic Rock and Roll fashion), the nine foot long, four foot high yellow and black plexiglass marquee literally screams “Hall OF Fame.”
Epstein says “this important reminder of rock history is now available for all of our customers to enjoy.” He guarantees “One look and you will get shivers.”


Lee said...

I bought my first Springsteen Live bootleg in Columbus, OH when I was 17 and got a speeding ticket (and ended up getting my license suspended for 2 months because I was a minor), because I couldn't WAIT to get home to Cleveland to play it! The name of this now classic boot was Piece de Resistance, and was from the August 19, 1978 radio broadcast. 30 + years later, this stands as possibly the greatest live concert *(n)ever* recorded. Congratulations on landing such a historical document and making Twist even MORE of a destination for music fans around the globe (and New Jersey, too)!

Anonymous said...

Great story. You can read all about those historic Capitol Theatre shows( with photos) in a companion book to the box set here: