Friday, September 17, 2010

Tegan & Sara @ Twist and Shout wrapup

Tegan and Sara played a live set at Twist and Shout on Monday afternoon at 1:30. Over 350 people came and bought up a storm of Tegan and Sara merchandise, and then hung on every word of the diminutive duo. Sometimes artists have a sympathetic outlook toward their audience. Tegan and Sara have something much deeper. Their audience was largely made of teenage and young adult Lesbian and Gay individuals. That is something I would normally never mention because it is irrelevant to their music, however Tegan and Sara seemed so loving and empowering to their fans that it transcended the typical one-way star-fan relationship and reached a level of touching solidarity. At the close of the event, when they were signing autographs and posing for photos, they embraced their fans in such a sincere fashion that we all noticed and were moved. More than a few fans left in tears. Tegan and Sara are real pros. From their friendly and willing demeanor upon first entering the building, to their completely endearing performance that included engaging and inclusive banter, to their sweet interaction with their fans, to their on time delivery of a great event, they were, like all the greats, understanding, patient and not forgetful of where they came from.

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