Friday, January 14, 2011

Kylesa-Spiral Shadow

There's been a wealth of quality, innovative hard and heavy bands coming up from the South in recent years. Hailing from Savannah, GA, Kylesa joins the ranks of bands like Mastodon and Baroness in creating exciting new avenues for heavy rock music. Their latest album, Spiral Shadow, shows a deft mix of prog-metal, psych jams, and doomy riffs all powered by a two drummer attack. The vocal interplay between the gruff Phillip Cope and the dreamy Laura Pleasants is another unique aspect of the band's sound. The album is highlighted by the anthemic "Don't Look Back," which could end up as the metal equivalent of the Arcade Fire's "Wake Up." Kylesa is one of the strongest bands around right now and Spiral Shadow is one of 2010's top releases.
-Adam R.

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