Friday, May 27, 2011

Bad Weather California live at Twist and Shout 5/24 wrap up

Bad Weather California played at Twist and Shout last night to a crowd of 70 folks. There was a family reunion vibe as Denver came together to celebrate the release ofDemos and Live Takes for the Fans. This super exclusive vinyl has artwork hand-made by the band and some covers even have their own blood mixed in. Nothing like giving your blood to the craft... But that kind of sums up what Chris Adolf gives to BWC- his blood, sweat and tears. Though there was a lot of laughter and fun here last night. As Chris put it several times "This is WAY more fun than I thought it would be". That always leaves us with a sense of pride, not only are in-stores an enjoyable experience for the music fans, but for the musicians as well. We sold a great amount of the vinyl, which has a really good sound quality for a demo/ live takes album. The band rocked, the crowd danced and people had a great time!

the images above by Tony White

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