Friday, June 10, 2011

Wrap-up for Foster the People live at Twist and Shout 6/8

Foster the People played a semi-acoustic set yesterday to a crowd of 170 fans.  The crowd was full of excited music lovers, many of whom were dancing along to the songs.  Mark Foster's lead vocals were surprisingly enriched by his acoustic guitar.  This band is mainly known for having an indie-electro sound so it was really cool to see the stripped down version of the summer hit "Pumped Up Kicks." The band played a four-song set and stayed for the large line of fans who were anxious to get anything signed by the band.  One girl even had an app on her phone for autographs, which just goes to show this was a young hip crowd.  There were new customers as well as a lot of regulars.  Most folks had already purchased the album but ended up picking up boutique items and lots of other good stuff while here.  The band was super friendly and so gracious to give us all so much time when they had a sold out show later at the Bluebird Theater.  This was one of those in-stores that just made everyone here happy.  I couldn't get their songs out of my head all night and I love when that happens.

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