Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wrap-Up for the Wood Brothers Live at Twist and Shout September 23rd

The Wood Brothers thrilled long time fans with a high energy acoustic performance September 23rd.  Ninety fans came out for a great free show, and many picked up the new album Smoke Ring Halo to get signed by the band afterwards.  The band was as friendly and upbeat as ever.  We enjoyed the crowd that came to support these super talented brothers, they were a fun bunch and there were lots of hugs that night.  The sound was deep and warm, filling up the store with a communal vibe.  Some of my favorite experiences at these in-stores is watching children dance and feel the music, there were a lot of happy children at this one!  It was a one of those evenings where everything went just right and there was even a beautiful sunset as the band went across the street to play at the L2 Arts and Culture Center.  We look forward to the next time the Wood Brothers play at our store, they are truly some of the nicest folks you will meet.

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