Monday, December 5, 2011

Wrap-Up for Ian Cooke Live at Twist and Shout 12/02

Local artist Ian Cooke performed a solo set last Friday.  He started off the set playing keyboards and switched to his signature instrument, the cello.  His lovely voice and complex melodies sounded excellent in our room.  We were celebrating the release of his new album Fortitude and 70 fans joined us for this stripped down version of Cooke’s live set.  Cooke plays with a band for larger shows, but I have to admit I enjoy his solo work even more because it really shows off his talent.  The crowd was eager to hear new music and to give thanks to Ian after the show.  I had a chance to meet his parents and I can see where he got his pleasant demeanor and charm.  The Greater Than Collective brought a keg of beer from Great Divide Brewery, so it went from a fun little in-store to a super fun party.  People enjoyed free music and free beer - I couldn’t ask for a better way to end our 2011 in-store season.      

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