Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun. Live @ Twist and Shout April 4, 2012 by Molly McGrath

     Last week we were pleased to host an in-store by chart-topping band Fun. But were just as pleased to find out that one of our attendees, 11-year old Molly McGrath, had written a review of the event and was willing to share it with our Spork readers. Twist and Shout is honored to present this review from up-and-coming music reviewer Molly McGrath. Enjoy!


     Before taking on the rest of Colorado, Indie rock band Fun. played  an acoustic set at Twist and Shout Records in Denver. You might be wondering what a platinum earning band is doing playing in a record store (instead of a gargantuan amphitheater)? The answer is being AWESOME! And lead singer, Nate Ruess even admits that the store is awesome, too.

     Nate Ruess and the rest of the band, guitar player Jack Antonoff and keyboardist Andrew Dost, definitely impressed the young, eager crowd of over 300. The band received lots of love from the audience, especially at the end of the set, when there was a 100% participation sing-along of the smash hit song “We are Young”. The music is mostly love songs, and if you love bands like Vampire Weekend and Adele I can guarantee you will love their music. If you don’t, you’ll probably like them anyway.

     The audience swayed back and forth while listening to well written lyrics, and Nate Ruess’ strong voice and wide smile definitely drew in the female fans. The way the band performed was phenomenal. Ruess’ voice seemed to attack the microphone, but in a good way so that he sounded like he really owned the songs he was singing. A piece of their lives was put into every single song. Meaning was found not only in the lyrics but in the expression of the band’s face and every note played.
     In my honest opinion, it was a touching performance and a great demonstration of what the band is all about: having Fun.

     --- Molly McGrath ---

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