Friday, December 21, 2012

Devotchka with the Colorado Symphony Live at Twist and Shout 12/18

Last night we had a huge crowd of over 300 people for Devotchka. They were joined for this special occasion by six members of the Colorado Symphony.  The room was buzzing with excitement as the band worked through a greatest hits set .  With only five days to promote this show, we are extremely happy with the successful turn-out.  Thanks to the band, the Symphony and music fans of Denver the word of mouth spread like wild fire. This was a holiday treat for both customers and staff.  There is a true beauty to music when it is fleshed out with strings and horns.  The romantic quality to Devotchka takes on a higher level when they are surrounded by Symphony players.  Though there were only six members from the Colorado Symphony it was a big sound and a great introduction for those fans that may have missed their summer concerts.  After the show most of the crowd stayed to get CDs,LPS, and posters signed.  People were jovial and fun to talk to while they waited in line.  The band had friends and family here, and the staff was enamored by Nick Urata's little girl.  There was a coming together last night that makes these type of events truly special.  Everyone here had a wonderful time, and we are super proud to have Devotchka represent the Denver music community.

Photos above are by Michael McGrath (

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