Monday, June 30, 2008

Rose Hill Drive by any other name…

Hello all –We’ve finally gotten through a slew of terrific in-stores this month just in time for us to take a relaxing short day next Friday for the 4th (note that our store hours on July 4th will be from 10AM to 6PM). June has seen us host the un-categorize-able local band Paper Bird, two very different hip-hop acts (Sage Francis with B. Dolan and Raashan Ahmad with Giant Panda), the roots/American-based Railroad Earth, and this past Wednesday evening we had Rose Hill Drive make a most enjoyable appearance. A great time was had by band, fans and staff alike – check out the box above for Ian’s review, pictures and more details.

On other live fronts, The Cure recently appeared at Red Rocks after postponing a late 2007 date and they premiered several songs from their upcoming fall release. They’ve finally released a couple singles from their new album – “Only One” and “Freakshow,” both available on CD single and on 7” vinyl. Ought to help tide us over until their delayed album hits the shelves.

One of the biggest stars of Brazilian music – Gilberto Gil – will be performing at the Boulder Theater next Thursday the 3rd. He is one of the co-founders of the Brazilian Tropicalia movement of the late 1960’s and has continued making exciting and entertaining music from then right up to his most recent release, Banda Larga Cordel. Three of his seminal albums of the Tropicalia era were also reissued domestically this week: Gilberto Gil (1968), Gilberto Gil (1969), and Expresso 2222, all of which come highly recommended (especially 1969) - as does his live show, the first time he’s visited this part of Colorado since he opened the newly remodeled Gothic Theater back in… when was that, 1994? 1993? It’ll be a treat, I promise.

I’ve also been keeping an ear out for the new CD by Walter Becker, Circus Money. I’ve only heard half of it so far, but I know Steely Dan fans won’t be disappointed. It’s got Becker’s usual command of groove his typically oblique way with a lyric. What may be surprising – though probably not to those who dug Becker’s previous solo outing – is how soulful his voice is when it’s up front. Donald Fagen has dominated so long as the face and sound of Steely Dan that it’s interesting to hear just how vital Becker is to the sound. I’m looking forward to getting to know this album much better over the coming months.

Making waves on DVD this week is the new release of the animated film Persepolis, a tale of a young Iranian woman’s coming of age in Teheran and Vienna. I’ll leave the delights of the plot for you to find out and just note that the film is a largely autobiographical story by Marjane Satrapi based on her graphic novel of the same name. The animation is a unique black and white style that makes no effort to find the realism that most animated films do these days, going instead for stylish effect when it wants to. Well worth your time.

Until next time,Patrick

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