Friday, June 6, 2008

Who put the bomp in Obama?

Many releases to talk about-some brand new, some older-ish. Radiohead has finally put out a best of called…..wait for it………….”The Best of Radiohead.” There are four distinct versions- a single CD, a double CD, a Vinyl box set (that’s the one for me) and a full length DVD. That’s a lot of best of for a band without hit singles. Obviously essential for every fan. Dr. John continues to cement his place in the pantheon of American treasures with his powerful new album “City That Care Forgot.” Lyrically, it is a politically charged screed against the government and other forces of inertia and stupidity that allowed the tragedy in New Orleans to happen. Musically it recalls his early, darker voodoo funk period more than his slicker modern stuff. Very satisfying album. Just released by Sundazed records is The Byrds “Live At Royal Albert Hall.” Taken from one of their best, and highly underestimated periods (1971), this show features the excellent guitar work of Clarence White and truly trippy versions of songs like “Eight Miles High” and “Lover of The Bayou.” There are times during “Eight Miles High” when they are really flying. Excellent! Great deluxe versions of Elton John’s first two albums have just been reissued. “Tumbleweed Connection” remains one of the great albums of the 70’s and is really enhanced by a second disc of demos and live stuff. “Elton John” is a little more patchy but is a strong debut album from an artist who would become bigger than the world. This is a welcome upgrade to an important catalog.

I went to the Return To Forever show at the Paramount Theatre on Tuesday, and like the rest of the standing room only crowd was rendered breathless by their intact chops and jamming abilities. They were such a great part of the 70’s jazz fusion scene, and it really took a lot of folks back to a special place to see them again. It was a place where people used to OBSESS over music. To go to that place yourself, pick up the new Return To Forever “Anthology” disc which gathers the best of the “Dimeola years” in fantastic remixed and remastered fashion. They have never sounded better.

Two recent albums that came out and have continually grown on me are Spiritualized’s “Songs in A&E” and Mudcrutch’s self Titled album. The Spiritualized eluded me at first, but is now fully sinking in, and I think I love it. It is thoughtful and weird-two qualities I appreciate. From the second I heard Mudcrutch, I knew it was an instant classic. I don’t think people realize it is essentially the new Tom Petty album, because it has been a quiet release. If you like the country rock of the late 60’s and early 70’s this is so up your alley. It is a great album.
Don’t forget the two great instore performances we have next week. Sage Francis and B.Dolan will be dropping knowledge of the hip-hopular variety on Thursday at 6pm. and then Railroad Earth will be doing the bluegrass version of said knowledge drop the next night (Friday) at 5 pm. DON”T YOU DARE MISS IT!!!!
See You In The Aisles.Paul Epstein

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I love that new Spiritualized album as well.