Friday, June 26, 2009

Jeff Beck content update

In another great example of the industry cutting off its nose to spite its face, I discovered that on the Blu-Ray version of Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live At Ronnie Scott’s there is an additional 7 song concert with Beck and his Rockabilly outfit. This is awesome footage of Beck really swinging, playing early rock and rockabilly hits that he clearly loves. One would think there would be something eye-catching on the package alerting the consumer to this cool bonus. But no, there is a tiny mention in the small print on the back cover. I didn’t know until a customer pointed it out. This is crazy!!! Like with the Neil Young Archive, there are compelling reasons to get the Blu-Ray version, and the manufacturers act as though they are protecting some kind of secret. Whatever! All you need to know is, if you love Jeff Beck and this incredible new video-which just keeps selling and selling, you should consider the Blu-Ray.

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