Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sleep - Hesitation Wounds

Sleep is back with a new album and a new label, releasing his project under the Strange Famous label. As you take the trip through his CD, he brings you to places only Sleep can, by introducing who he made the record for "I made this record for the eager, the weary, for the believer, the dreamer, the future leader, the living, the ones beneath us."
As you continue on down through the first four tracks, he's telling us who to point the finger at and about day dreaming, in the way only Sleep can. But on "Ginelli" and "Orchestra of Strangers" he returns to the form of the Sleep past, rapping fast. As the album continues, Sleep continues to shine, the same way he does on the Oldominion and Chicharones albums, helped out along the way by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Grayskul.
The CD is a keeper, on a scale from one to ten, Hesitation Wounds is easily a nine. It's no Riot By Candlelight, but it is a very good album overall. My only complaint? I would have liked to have heard B. Dolan on a track, but oh well, maybe next time.

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