Friday, October 23, 2009

Me'Shell Ndegeocello at Boulder Theater

Meshell Ndegeocello played to an eager crowd at the Boulder Theater on October 21st. This beautiful old school venue bustled as the openers Sonneblume rocked out. Sonneblume is a local band that provided a good contrast to the bass-playing diva; they rocked pretty heavy with a lot of distorted electric guitar flourishes. But they did share a common thread in that the lead vocalist was also a female bass player. Ndegeocello’s set was a serious hit to the senses. Her band was comprised of some serious players that are all on her latest album Devil’s Halo. The new album ventures forth, just like her music always does, into new planes and new dimensions. Ndegeocello is known as one of the all time top R&B bass players (of either gender), an experimental pioneer mixing genres to always create something new. But there has been little mainstream acknowledgment of the super creative spirit who lies behind the music. With Devil’s Halo she has branched into some extremely straightforward rock/pop territory but her sensual soul tendencies are all still as vibrant as ever. The album contains heavy lyrics that give you goose bumps like “I hope you all die young,” but within her songs and within the serious vibe you get a transcendent feeling through the truth that she lays down. Don’t let this album or this artist pass you by.


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