Friday, October 9, 2009

Paperbird - Live at Twist and Shout

Is it the bad state of our economy that has brought about the resurgence of depression era music? Perhaps we have all needed a little blues, mixed with gospel to express the hardships of our own times. Paperbird performed for the second time at Twist and Shout on June 26th 2009. This local band has made a quick rise to national recognition with the pleasant sounds of an old folk band from the 40’s. Three wonderful female voices singing with a warm honey harmony make this band soft and sweet. The lilting banjo, accompanied by trombone with wild spurts of harmonica, give this band a distinctive sound. They will make you feel giddy with all of the wonderful raw energy. You get the feeling for the performance in our large space filled with lots of adoring fans. Many of these beautiful songs have a sad bluesy undertone, like many old folk tunes. These young people have old souls and make you feel like you are listening to sounds captured on a gramophone. You can hear the jovial mood as they tell jokes and play favorites like “Blue Sparks”. Playing all the right chords with the perfect amount of tension building each song makes your heart flutter just a little. I think this will be known as a local masterpiece because it has all the auditory delights of a good recording. Recorded at our store by our friends at the Helmet Room and mixed at Absinthe Studios it gave this live performance a clean and crisp sound. With a patchwork cover done by Esme Patterson herself it adds that personal charm that just encapsulates what Paperbird is all about.

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