Friday, February 11, 2011

Bobby Long 2/10/11 Wrap Up

Bobby himself mentioned how cold it was in Colorado from the stage several times. In spite of that fact about forty warm souls braved the cold for a quick 20-minute shot of a singer/songwriter you will undoubtedly hear more and more about. It is hard to describe this unassuming Englishman’s music, but he most reminds of Nick Drake. He is soft-spoken and his music has an emotional gravity that is rare today.
When we look at the relative success of an event like this compared to, say, a Widespread Panic in-store with three or four hundred people fighting to get in and every one of them buying up a storm, sometimes we wonder if it is worth it. But, as I was wondering this aloud last night, Chuck Morris (legendary promoter, band manager and Denver institution) said “shit I remember having Lyle Lovett (someone he managed for many years) at The Oxford Hotel playing for 10 people. This guy (Bobby Long) is gonna be huge and you were on the ground floor with him. This is great!” Thanks for the perspective Chuck! We will continue to bring in the up-and-comers as well as the sure things - cause that’s what we do.
-Paul Epstein

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Dennis said...

Paul, thank you for the Spork on Bobby Long and for the in-store. Chuck is very passionate about Bobby and it's justified when you hear the depth of his lyrics and his very tasteful finger-picking on guitar.

Now, get ready for The Civil Wars! Denver should love this Alabama duo whom have crafted a beautiful record of very engaging songs. Should be a CIMS favorite.