Friday, February 25, 2011

Devotchka in-store!

There are very few bands that have such a history at Twist and Shout. We have literally been with them since day one. And what an exhilarating ride it has been to watch. Devotchka has embarked on an artistic and commercial arc that most bands can only dream about. Their new album 100 Lovers is a magnificent creation, bringing the band to a creative peak. 100 Lovers is Devotchka’s most mature album both lyrically and in terms of the band’s wonderful sense of melody. They have gone from a quirky, indefinable band of indeterminate ethnic origin to a band capable of producing a very specific type of beauty. Their sound has coalesced around Nick Urata’s exotic vocals and their always-interesting and increasingly sophisticated instrumentation. Everything about this album is an artistic triumph, from the memorable songs to the warm production, to the absolutely amazing package on the deluxe version of the CD (only available at Twist and Shout).
As always, we were honored to host the band for another in a long line (four to be exact) of memorable in-stores. This one felt, and was different. The band brought in some of their own lighting that made for both a very special environment and inspired me to pursue this for future in-stores. What a difference it made to turn the lights off and really enhance that in-concert vibe. And the band did not disappoint. Playing four songs from 100 Lovers as well as a few others they reminded us what an overwhelmingly emotional experience it can be to see Devotchka. They have the ability to set a mood like nobody else I’ve ever seen. I went up to the loft to look down at the huge crowd at one point and the majority of them had their eyes closed with huge smiles on their faces. It was a pretty telling scene. Devotchka have the rare ability to lift their audience out of the mundane reality of everyday life and let us enter a beautiful and comforting place. Being in that place is why we work in music. It’s like a dog hanging his head out of a car window - it just feels right. The hundreds of people who came bought 184 copies of 100 Lovers on CD and another 28 on LP. It’s always nice when an artistic triumph is rewarded by a business success. Thanks to Rob Thomas and the band for their kindness. It was a great night!

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