Monday, November 14, 2011

Wrap-up for Luther Dickinson Live at Twist and Shout November 11th

 Last Friday Twist and Shout had the pleasure of hosting a solo performance with Luther Dickinson.  He is best known for being a member of North Mississippi Allstars and the Black Crowes, but this performance solidified my respect for him as an artist in his own right.  We have had the full band play in our store a few times over the years, but this was a unique and personal experience that really stands out.  Luther played a lovely set for over 170 fans.  His guitar playing was so impressive - when it was just him on stage I was able to watch him at work.  The room was extremely engaged, people were really absorbing the music (which doesn't always happen at venues).  This in-store was free from chatter and distractions - all eyes were on Luther.  His wife and little girl were here for the instore and it was charming to hear his daughter cry out "Daddy!!!" when she saw him setting up to perform.  He scooped up his little girl and didn't put her down again until he had to pick up his guitar.  He seemed like one of those wonderful fathers that truly loves his family and draws a lot of strength from that love.  It gave me a connection to his music that I didn't have before.  He was so sweet and genuine with all of us, it left me a bit enamored with the person behind the music.  These are the kind of in-stores that remind me about the mystical and magical human connection that lies within music.

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