Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wrap-up for Mike Doughty live at Twist and Shout November 1st


Mike Doughty and his keyboard player delivered an acoustic set last night.  We had a crowd of 70 enthusiastic fans, who had huge smiles through the whole set.  His soulful singing and great sense of humor made the whole evening super enjoyable.  He even razzed the crowd a bit to "buy something- just buy something", complimenting independent music stores that support artists such as himself.  Doughty was very kind and enjoyed chatting with fans after the performance.  He is an avid music fan who riffled through our vinyl like a kid in a toy store.  He joked around that he almost bought a cassette player here, but then he would just be out on the road carrying it around with him.  The sound was excellent last night, and fans of Mike Doughty got a treat with his lovely voice and intense energy.  It was a true pleasure to work with him and he was kind enough to do an interview for our blog site We can't wait to have him back in Denver.

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