Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bad Weather California Record Release Party

Last Saturday night, local heroes Bad Weather California took to the stage at the Hi-Dive to celebrate the release of their brand new album Sunkissed.  The evening opened with comedy courtesy of the Fine Gentlemen's Club, followed by some fine indie-pop from the youngsters in Sauna.  Nigh of Joy were up next and played a great set - definitely a band to watch on the Denver scene.  But the night belonged to the headliners and BWC did not disappoint.  Opening like so many BWC shows with "Let It Shine," the band managed their unique combination of being energetic while also relaxed and jammy.  On this tune and several others the band was joined by saxophonist Andy Wild.  As good as they are on their own, the addition of Wild's wild sax always brings the music up a notch.  The lead single "I'll Reach Out My Hand" had guitarist Adam Baumeister sitting down on pedal steel, always a nice sound.  Joe Sampson and Logan Corcoran are an always solid and innovative rhythm section, but the stage truly belongs to frontman Chris Adolph.  He is totally in his element leading the crowd in sing-a-longs and driving the band through the twists and turns of his songs.

BWC just got back from a highly successful east coast tour with their friends and mentors in Akron/Family.  They'll soon be heading out on a west coast tour, but if you can't wait to see them again here in Denver, then definitely pick up their new album Sunkissed.  Produced by Akron/Family's Seth Olinsky and the debut release on A/F's new Family Tree label, Sunkissed manages the rare feat of capturing a strong live band in the studio with all their strengths intact.  "Let It Shine" appears in a different arrangement yet is still the standout track.  "I Feel Like Dancing" and "You're My Friend" also compare favorably to their live performances.  And then there are the two short and fast numbers, "Skate or Try" and "Freaks and Geeks," to remind you of their punk rock roots.  Big things are happening for Bad Weather California so be sure to pick up their album and catch them live whenever you can.

Adam R.

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