Friday, January 4, 2013

Soundtribe Sector Nine Live at Twist and Shout December 28th, 2012

Last Friday we had an in-store performance with Sound Tribe Sector Nine (also known as STS9). State Farm Insurance ran a nationwide contest where approximately twenty-two people plus their guests won the chance to see STS9 in our store. The event would be a private, after-hours performance for just a few lucky winners. The grand prize winner won a five hundred dollar gift card and got to do some shopping with the band members. The contest winners were a mix of regular customers and first time visitors, but all the winners were excited to see one of their favorite bands close up in such a small setting. All of the winners got a meet and greet with a signed CD, so it was a very fun atmosphere leading up to the performance. We started the concert right after closing and the band played for less than sixty people. The crowd consisted of winners, friends of the band, band wives, plus Twist and Shout crew. This intimate show rocked with STS9 playing tunes they were not going to play during their three day stint at the Fillmore to celebrate New Year's. It was a truly special treat for these super fans, because most of them had bought three-day passes to the NYE shows. The sound was amazing and the band gave great energy to the dancing fans. They are an instrumental band that plays a hybrid of funk, jazz, jam and electronic music which has been tagged as "Livetronica". Their normal set is bombastic and a huge production, so by STS9 standards this was a stripped down and almost acoustic version of a regular show. It was a pleasure to host such a unique event and we enjoyed watching the fans as they got a chance to meet their favorite band. It was a joy to work with members of Sound Tribe Sector Nine, they were warm and sincere with all of us and we are hopeful that we can have them back for a public event!

Grand Prize winner with bass player David Murphy

STS9 signed our giant turntable in the vinyl room.

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