Monday, June 29, 2020

Bob Dylan

Over 32 years of owning Twist And Shout, countless folks have asked me who my favorite artist is. In those years my answer has not changed. My first love might’ve been The Beatles, The Stones and The Who, and I’ve expended a lot of collecting energy on Neil Young, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, and Tom Waits among others, and I certainly saw The Grateful Dead live more than any other band, but, ultimately it’s Bob. Bob’s the one for me. No other artist has consistently thrilled, challenged and tested me like Bob. No other artist’s canon has continually reinvented itself for me as I age. There is no better writer of songs, and along with Hendrix and Keith Richards no other artist captures the mystique of “The Rock Star” the way Bob has. From my 3rd Grade teacher playing Blowin’ In The Wind for the class, to attending the incredible Rolling Thunder Review show in Ft. Collins in 1976 to meeting him at a show in Dallas, to his two newest “quarantine” songs, Murder Most Foul and I Contain Multitudes Bob Dylan is the guy for me. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of Dylanania.

- Paul Epstein

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