Monday, June 29, 2020

Rick Griffin

Since my earliest days as a record collector, my obsession with the art form has extended to the artwork on the covers of the records I love. Early on this started extending to posters-and specifically the artwork of the psychedelic 60’s ballroom scene. Before I had Twist and Shout my poster collection was a thing of joy and pride for me. None of the artists grabbed my attention more than Rick Griffin. Griffin walked the line between trained draftsman and LSD pioneer just perfectly. His lettering, the ancient-looking iconography, the saturated colors and of course those bubbles, clouds and waves. Nobody captures the era like Griffin. From his early surfer/beatnik covers to the classic ballroom posters, to his final religiously themed work, Griffo is the guy for me. Here is some of the cream of my Griffin collection.

- Paul Epstein

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