Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Lucky Few - Calexico at Twist & Shout

A highly select crowd of smart musicos were lucky enough to be present at a rare Saturday in-store at Twist & Shout. We usually shy away from Saturday events but when a band as good as Calexico comes knocking, well you just have to say yes. We limited entrance so we could also continue doing business on such a busy day, so about 100 ecstatic fans got to see a wonderful, intimate 50-minute set of songs from their upcoming album Carried To Dust (9/9), some older songs and a few covers (Love’s “Alone Again Or” was a real standout). The sound was impeccable, Joey was playful, the crowd was greatly entertained and the entire band (including mariachi horn players) could not have been nicer to the fans and staff.

Thanks, of course, to the band for being so enthusiastic about the the event and so complimentary of the store. Thanks also to Leslie from Touch & Go, our employees for letting us borrow their amps, and to Shawn from Devotchka for lending his drumming paraphenlia. Oh, and to whomever gave the band a keyboard to use!

Check out them signing our big red guitar.....um, Joey signing his name backwards? Who does that??

Check out their "electro version" of Gnero Canelo

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