Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spork some Indie onto your plate

Lord Dog Bird - Lord Dog Bird (jagjaguar)

Colin McCann is the guitarist from the band Wilderness. During their extended hiatus he recorded his own stuff on a four-track, creating a sound that is sharp, raw and well-reverbed as the songs take their sweet time to unravel. McCann's voice is seemly uncertain, sad and reflective yet quite direct. The album starts off with a repetitive guitar riff, sounding as though it were on the opposite side of a tiny church. When his vocals come in, the repetitive riff continues for the rest of the nearly-5-minute tune, until it all just stops. Be patient, the sound finally stretches out well into the third song. A truly fantastic side project we can appreciate even without any knowledge of McCann's full-time band. And if NPR is hip to it, well then........
RIYL: Black Heart Procession, Band of Horses, Neutral Milk Hotel

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