Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thalia Zedek Band - Liars and Prayers

I've long loved this chick. From the band Come (and Uzi, Live Skulls and Dangerous Bird before that), Thalia Zedek is what Courtney Love always wished she was. Raw, emotive, and kickass in the way of never needing to act the part. Obviously influenced by Patti Smith, this ex-junkie and continued smokeaholic delivers her vocals in a way that's quite rough around the edges, yet soaked in meloncholy and emotional hardship. Pair that with such tender instruments as the viola, piano and trumpet and you've got yourself a sound that can bring a tear to your eye from either sheer beauty of the music or the sheer ugliness of the message.

RIYL: Wovenhand, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Kim Gordon

Check out Zedek performing "1926" at the ABC Radio studios for the Deep End show. July 2005 Melbourne, Australia.

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