Friday, September 12, 2008

Burning Spear

Winston Rodney has never strayed far from the well of his inspiration. He has steered the Burning Spear ship with a steady hand, toward the purest Rasta ideology. His new album Jah Is Real is no exception. Everything is exactly in place. Chanted, repetitive statements of faith and fact, rock solid beat, punchy horns embellishing every song and Mr. Rodney’s unique brand of charisma imbuing every moment of the album. He is joined on a handful of songs by the legendary funk pioneers Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell, and what we learn is that the Spear is mightier than the Mothership. Collins and Worrell sound as though they have always been playing Reggae, especially Bootsy who is completely on the money.

It is comforting to have an artist keep his high standards and produce album after album of this kind of rewarding music. Perhaps it is the fact that Mr. Rodney owns his own label now and totally controls his career and artistic direction. He addresses the pitfalls of the music business quite forcefully on the song “Run For Your Life.”

In conjunction with the new album and our upcoming instore performance with Burning Spear ( September 19th at 6pm) Mr. Rodney agreed to answer a few questions for Twist and Shout. Here are his words:

7 questions for Burning Spear

1) Do you have any feelings about the upcoming American election?

Yes I think it's great that we will have a young President for all the people of the United States. What we have to remind many Mr. Barack Obama is not a civil right leader, he is running for the highest office in the world. To be a leader for all the people and the color of his skin shouldn’t matter.

2) Is Barack Obama a significant figure to you? -
Yes, he speak with such poised, and I love how he call for a changes. And the term yes we can. And in deed we all can make a different if we try.

3) What do you feel are the biggest issues facing humans on this earth right now?
someone taking too much while others get now. The need for peace and not war

4) Can music heal the world? -

5) It is obvious from your new album that you are connected to music outside of Reggae?
Can you list a few things you are grooving to right now?
Erica latest album and I love Ben harper

6) Has the mission changed for you over the years? -

7) How has the experience of owning your own label been compared to working for other people’s labels?
wow what a great feeling to be in control and to finally get paid for the sales of my records. Independent means freedom to I man Spear.
What advice would you give up and coming musicians?
Never sign any contract or agreement and to stick to the plan.

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Caf said...

The Burning Spear has never been sharper, as always the man cuts right to the bone. He is a solid example of what strong Rasta faith can do to a man, moving freely inside the system, doing no compromise.

Permit I to add one comment though, on the subject of Barack Obama:

Real Change is not about putting a new person in the place, as the leader of the ruling empire. It can give some smaller changes maybe?!
Revolutionary change is more leaning towards seriously considering a turnover of the present power-system (What we in daily speak refer to as Babylon).

Let me remind you that Democracy is not in function at the moment!

In this situation we now look at - of worldwide importance and impact - every 4 years the system lets 5% of the world population, get the chance, to choose between 2 candidates, from - uptil now at least - 2 corporate depend parties, in a usually frauded election.

If a man like Barack Obama can win and enter the position of president of the ruling empire, and that way, help real change towards the fall of this Babylon system - and do it in a just way and positive manner - I can only approve of him.

Surely Obama leaves us much hope - it sounds like a dream having a Black man take over the White house.
The question is of cause, if this man can manage to be idealistic, realistic and pragmatic all the way to Babylon fall - which actually means moving dissolving his own position as president.

People to the power, Obama, please! That is real change...

Give thanks for listening,
Ras Thor Caf I,