Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sigur Ros at Red Rocks, Sept. 27th 2008

So, my first Red Rocks experience was impeccable! It started with the scenic drive to the Rocks, then being bused up to the stage. Sigur Ros soon arrived to sound check a song or two, then Jonsi (the singer) met us in front with greetings and handshakes.

He was quite nice and signed my goodies, as did the drummer and bassist. Their English was good and they spent some of their time talking with us and being very nice. We all then got handed signed lithographs and soon after were bused back down. The opening band Parachutes was good – sounding a bit like Sigur Ros – and several members were from Iceland. The Sigur Ros set was great! Several singles were played and the audience loved it all! The visuals were limited due to the lack of giant screen or multiple screens they needed, but there were lighting effects added and the audio was mesmerizing enough! The songs were tight and almost perfect renditions of the studio takes. There was an encore we didn't have to wait long for and several more brilliant songs were released upon us and the cool night air. The venue's sound was great, the band was spot on and the whole experience was unforgettable!

- Joel Boyles

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