Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Farewell To Neighborhood Flix

Last week we were so saddened to hear that our friends Jimmie Lee, Michelle and Melodie were going to give up the ghost on their wonderful dream. Neighborhood Flix represented a lot to us. They were part of the retail culture-plex here at the Lowenstein Theatre development that we are all so proud of. They were independent business people who shared our entrepreneurial drive and spirit, and they were just really nice people.

The implications of their loss loom large to us.

I’m sure that the dreamy space they built with the power of their convictions will become occupied by another theatre soon enough, but it is that spark of independence that might be missing. We relate to all independent business people in our city and our country because we share more than just the experience of running a business, we share the uphill battle of running counter to societal trends. More and more our country favors the powerful and already rich more that those who use their bootstraps and grit to fight their way to the top.

There are so many ways this ties in to the current economic woes we find ourselves facing. As I saw Ralph Nader point out the other night, Wall Street used to be a place where money was made to fund the growth of our country - factories, schools, infrastructure etc. Now it is a place where those who have money make more money. It really is every bit as sleazy and unproductive as Vegas. Nothing good comes out of it and virtually none of that money gets redirected to those who need it the most. (“trickle down” Ha!) In no way, does the average American benefit from either buying a house they can’t afford or by patronizing giant chain stores that require you to exchange your loyalty and sense of community for some highly discounted crap.

It seems we might all benefit by taking a deep breath, turning away from the precipice and walking back toward that place in our hearts called home.

Farewell Neighborhood Flix!

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