Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Reflections on Record Store Day

To celebrate Record Store Day, we've asked our staff - past and present - and a bunch of musicians, industry folks, and friends of the store to cough up some thoughts about what record stores mean to them. We'll post a few replies every day from now until Record Store Day. Check 'em out:

V.V. Brown (her album Travelling Like the Light streets 4/20 on Capitol Records)
"This 26-year-old Brit's debut album is a high-energy mash-up of genres and styles - it's doo-wop meets electronica meets Amy Winehouse. A sure-to-be-hit." –Glamour

•When was the last time you got that constricted blood-vessel
feeling of "Oh my God I can't believe it's here. I've been looking for
this record for..." In other words, is there a "Holy Grail" that you've
been searching for in every music store and thrift store all across this
great land of ours?

Little Dragon. It was an album that made me excited again about music.

•Is record shopping different, or do you get the same feeling
at a bookstore or at Checker Auto Parts?

Its different. I love looking at the art work, being excited by the journey. I usually spend hours looking. Especially vinyl.

•Do you ever buy for investment or is it all for the love of

Mostly its all about the love. Love is an investment.

•Have you ever bought something and as you are handing the
money over you are saying to yourself "why am I buying this?!"

Some pop albums that I'm only buying out of curiosity rather than love that I know I wont really like but Im just curious due to the producer.

•What items did you say that about?
Cheryl Cole. An English singer. it was more a business purchase.

•Conversely, what's the worst case of remorse you've
ever had by letting something slip through your fingers?

I' m not sure....

•How do you hear about new music these days?
The internet is the only way I seem to discover new music.

•Do you have a favorite music blog? magazine? website?
I don't really have a favourite.

•Do you listen to the radio? Satellite or old fashioned?
I dont have much time to listen to traditional radio these days so Im a fan of the last fm and more internet radio stations.

•Who would you love to see performing at Twist & Shout (or the
local record store in your town)? Why?

Gorillaz. Innovative and their new album is amazing

•Anything random to add?
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