Monday, August 8, 2011

Keb' Mo' Wrap-Up

Twist and Shout has a long love affair with Keb' Mo'. His first album came out in 1994 when we were still at our first location on South Pearl Street. He was a phenomenon in a number of ways. We sold the heck out of him, he kind of represented a “type” of musician that really resonated with our clientele and he taught me the power of KBCO. He was a KBCO favorite then, and still is now and that has served him and us well in terms of sales. I have been requesting a Keb' Mo' instore since 1994 and we finally got one. It was worth the wait. Keb' Mo' (Kevin Moore to his friends) was every bit as cool and genuine as I had hoped. He was friendly, engaging and totally approachable. When I told him that I’d been trying to get him to play here since his first album, he said: “alright man-you pick the setlist.” I did, and he played a fantastic half hour with three songs from his new album “The Reflection” as well as Robert Johnson’s “Love In Vain” and two of his early classics. It was mesmerizing and heartfelt and the crowd of over 150 ate it up and bought almost a hundred copies of the new album as well as bunch of old stuff. Keb seemed genuinely moved by the experience when he came off stage. He kept talking about the vibe of the room-how great it was. I guess good things come to those who wait.
-Paul Epstein

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Paul, for putting on these shows. I hope they are as good for business as they are for us. Keb's was a really enjoyable show. Great to see him in such an intimate setting. See you at Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.