Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rose Hill Drive Wrap-up

Rose Hill Drive returned to Twist and Shout for the third time. We have watched this superb Boulder based band grow from impressive teenagers with a pile of bad- ass gear to a confident pro band in league with the big boys. In my estimation they could stand shoulder to shoulder with a band like, oh, Kings Of Leon any day. They played about 35 minutes of songs from their gritty new album “Americana”, which we sold a bunch of during the course of the event. The band has an edgier sound now, which really adds a modern vibe. The largest crowd they’ve played to at Twist and Shout ate it up. The years of touring and sharing the stage with bands like The Who, Van Halen and Stone Temple Pilots has given the band a stage presence that matches their ever expanding chops. For those of you who have come to all three instores with Rose Hill Drive, you will be able to say, I saw them when…

-Paul Epstein

photos by Tony White

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