Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twist and Shout presents the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase 2011

This is the 11th annual UMS, also known as the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase. The event takes place in the South Broadway/Baker Historic neighborhood. This area is one of our favorites because our old Alameda store location was just blocks away. Since we moved to Colfax this area has been growing rapidly and is truly an up and coming area filled with cute boutiques and great restaurants. This area is home to some of our favorite venues like the Hi Dive, the Skylark and 3 Kings Tavern. Each year, music is the main feature of this event but like any good festival it is the people who attend it that make it truly special and fun. Past events have featured such bands as the Flobots, Devotchka, 16 Horsepower, Nathaniel Rateliff, Meese, Isaac Slade of the Fray and Dressy Bessy.  This has been a place where Denver has not only been able to show off well-known Denver bands but also to introduce new bands to a whole crowd of new fans. This is an ever-expanding event that will feature over 325 performers on 25 stages.  The sound for this event is run by our good friends at Notably Fine Audio, which is impressive given the number of venues and the diversity of sounds they’re working with.  This is a gigantic indie music festival that should not be missed - be sure to enter to win a pair of passes to the UMS next time you are at Twist and Shout!
This year Twist and Shout has teamed up with the UMS to help co-sponsor the event. We have a large display for many of the bands playing at the UMS which will be up for the whole month of July so customers that attend the festival can come in and check out the bands they discovered, or check some out beforehand and design their UMS schedules.  We will have band interviews posted on our Spork blog and a wrap-up from a few of us after the event so we can give several different perspectives of the event, the bands, and the venues.
Last year staff members from Twist and Shout had such a great time at the UMS we decided to write up a little taste of our experiences. Since this festival is so large and diverse we felt there should be multiple contributions to give music fans an idea of just how much is going on in those few days.  Check out the link for last year’s wrap-up here: http://twistedspork.blogspot.com/search/label/Underground%20Music%20Showcase
The main points would be that we all felt very lucky to have such a thriving music scene here in Denver.  So many great local bands and friendly music lovers left us all feeling truly inspired.

Check out these fun videos on "How to Ums"

-Patrick & Natasha

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